Tove Lo – I’m A Cool Girl

Ebba Tove Elsa Nilsson better known as Tove Lo is a cool girl and we will keep watching to see what she is going to doe next! Always entertaining and always catchy! Tove lo keep the groove going, The video is so so but kept we watching, nice desert theme with a motel you really can’t go wrong not the most exciting but well done. Good clean choreography keeps the video going also a clear casket still working on that interpretation, the girl that is to cool may seem a bit self destructive in an otherwise simple concept of a ideal relationship, like a hippie practicing her free love stance, Think janis joplin nailed this idea first.

Tove lo started as being a co writer with some of the biggest pop stars in the music business naming a few Ellie Goulding, Hilary Duff with grammy nominations and with already pop singles like (Habits)stay high singles that have been to the top since 2014 with her break through album Queen of the Clouds, This Swedish talent will definitely continue to hit the top of the billboards into the future.

So for being born in 1987 Tove lo is doing very well and this is one of her releases from the lady wood album, I will keep you posted on the upcoming album and we will find out just how far this girl is going to go!

Hope you enjoyed the video and we will continue to bring you cool videos and entertainment into the future.